• Waxing

    Haven uses top quality waxes and pre / post skin care for expert hair removal.

    Pre wax advice:

    Let your hair grow out at least 0.5 – 1cm

    You may wish to gently exfolliate the day before

    Do not apply moisturiser or fake tan, or sunbathe the day of your appointment

    Post wax advice:

    For at least 24 hours following your appointment, do not swim in chlorinated pools, spa baths or the sea, sunbathe, exercise or apply strong soaps deodorants, perfumes, body lotions, make up to the area.

    Gently loofah the area & apply a moisturiser each day, commence no less than 48 hours after waxing.

    Do not shave in between waxes, it disrupts the hair growth cycle

    Come back for your next wax in 4-6 weeks

    General Waxingwax drop

    Half Leg (20 min) $25.00

    3/4 Leg (30 min)$30.00

    Full Leg (40 min)$40.00

    Bikini (10 min)$25.00

    Extended Bikini (20 min)$32.00

    Super Extended Bikini (25 min)$39.00

    Full Brazilian (40 min)$55.00

    Almost Brazilian (40 min)$50.00

    Belly wax (snail trail) (10 min)$5.00

    Underarm (10 min)$15.00

    Forearm (20 min)$20.00

    Full Arm (25 min)$30.00

    Lower Back (15 min)$15.00

    Upper Lip (10 min)$10.00

    Chin (10 min)$10.00



    Waxing Combos

    1/2 Leg, Bikini & Underarm (40 min)$59.00

    3/4 Leg, Bikini & Underarm (50 min)$65.00

    Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm (60 min)$75.00

    Add $10 for Extended Bikini, $15 for Super Extended Bikini, $25 for Almost Brazilian, $30 for Full Brazilian